Personal Development And Business Sprint


Are you looking to uplevel your personal and business life? As you apply these proven principles, systems and strategies you will expand your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual capacity to handle more, attract more, and be, do and have more. This is a 90-day sprint to take your life and business to the next level!

12 Week Lesson Series:

Lesson 01: Momentum Goal Setting
Lesson 02: Power Rituals And Habits
Lesson 03: Vitality Performance Nutrition
Lesson 04: Your Irresistible Package
Lesson 05: Building Your High Ticket Offer
Lesson 06: Creating Multiple Streams Of Income
Lesson 07: Up-Level Your Inner Circle
Lesson 08: Leverage Your Knowledge With Webinars And Seminars
Lesson 09: Momentum Scheduling
Lesson 10: Building Leverage
Lesson 11: Next Level Networking
Lesson 12: Your Website Strategies

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>> The 2-Part Communicating To Connect Series
>> Bonus UEXL MasterMinds: The 6-Part Momentum Series with Lars Rain Gustafsson
>> Bonus UEXL MasterMinds: The 8-Part Personal Development And Life Expansion Series