Dynamic Physiology


In Dynamic Physiology you will gain an understanding of the key concepts related to dynamic physiology in the exoteric or more sensory-based context. This is a vital course in helping you create a context for whatever healing art you are in: massage, chiropractic, physio, nutrition, health coaching, etc.

“My study of “Dynamic Physiology” completely transformed how I viewed and understood the functioning of the human being at every level: physical, mental/emotional, and soul/spiritual! It clearly illuminated the human being’s, as well as my own, personal life’s journey and overall development; as well as the deeper meaning and causes of imbalances and health issues, and, for myself, their subsequent positive directional change and healing! As I studied Dynamic Physiology, I felt I understood deeply what wellness was really about, and the processes required to truly obtain it! I most especially felt I better understood life and it’s meaning for the human being much much more than I ever thought was even possible.”
Lesley A. Breen
{DMH, DynPh, DynBC, M.Ed., B.Ed., B.A.}

The 6 Units Are As Follows:

Unit I – The Idea of Science and Life
Unit II – Dynamic Physiology – Exoteric Aspects Part A
Unit III – Dynamic Physiology – Exoteric Aspects Part B
Unit IV – Dynamic Physiology – Esoteric Aspects Part A
Unit V – The Origin of Dynamic Physiology – Esoteric Aspects Part B
Unit VI – The Ground Regulatory System or Extra-Cellular Matrix

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