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We believe that nutrition guidance goes beyond just the food we eat. We are transforming people's live by providing wholistic guidance in all areas of life: Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually.

For the last 12 years the BodyMind Institute has been providing Wholistic Health, Business and Life education from the best leaders in our industry.

Since 2009 we have had over 120,000 students and graduates from over 90 countries go through our nutrition, health, herbal and career programs.

We believe in providing you with a fully immersive and transformative experience within the video lessons and Masterclasses in our Board Certification education track, AND jump start your life expanding career.

Before you begin your 7-Day Trial ... let us introduce you to the magnificent certifications, skills and journey you are about to begin.

Gain a wide range of skills in health, nutrition, sports, fitness and life coaching from our 6 faculties and 8 extensive courses in this program!

Curriculum  Overview

Holistic Nutrition, Health Coaching, Detox

BodyMind Performance Certification
With Master Nutritionist Lars Rain Gustafsson
(148 Hours, 100+ Videos, Certificate Of Designation)

Discover A Scientifically Backed, Evidence-Based Functional Nutrition Program to Quickly Create Nutrition Clarity Within 90 Days… So That You Can Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals FAST!  Everything in life comes down to the simple action steps that create results! You will learn and apply the strategies from experts in this field and from the proven results of 100s of 1,000s of clients, patients and lives!

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification
With Master Nutritionist David Avocado Wolfe
(170 Hours, 245 Video Lessons, Certificate Of Designation)

Connect with students all over the world in this Wholistic Career Path of Nutrition that includes the science and real life application of Herbal, Detox, Raw Nutrition, Peak Performance, Gardening, Business And Life Coaching Systems, Proven Strategies And Protocols.

Energetic Health Essentials
With Dr Henele 
(240Hours, 23 Video Lessons, Certificate of Completion)

Dive deep into the science and practical application of wholistic nutrition principles developed and taught by Dr Henele.  This program is designed to provide you with a well rounded and in depth knowledge of cellular biology, nutrition chemistry, and the wholistic nature of nourishing your body and mind at all levels.

Raw Chef Certification
With Master Raw Chef Elaina Love
(35 Hours, 48 Videos, Certificate Of Designation)

Have you been looking for a way to get your Raw Chef training and certification online? This 100% online course is designed to help you build a new career, while simultaneously helping you achieve the healthy, fit body you’ve always dreamed of.

Genesis Eating Healthy 365
With Dr Henele 
(24Hours, 28 Video Lessons, Certificate of Completion)

In this comprehensive introduction to Dr Henele's Genesis Eating Healthy Program, you will have a well rounded foundation of knowledge in all aspects of nourishing your body, mind, emotions and life.  Dr Henele's decades of experience comes through in giving you the knowledge you need to go out and begin practicing a well rounded nutrition program for you and your family, along with providing you with the science to support your health career.

Brighton Baby Inner Circle
With Dr Roy Dittman
(35 Hours, 48 Videos, Certificate Of Completion)

In Brighton Baby I turn a spotlight on these blind spots, including the hidden dangers of processed foods, contaminated drinking water, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins, “electrosmog”, genetically modified foods, antibiotics, the honest pros and cons of vaccines, and more. But you won’t be left wondering what to do. For every problem I expose as being a contributor to infertility or birth defects, I offer solutions in The Brighton Method for increasing the likelihood that you will conceive a healthy, extraordinary human being.

90-Day Personal Development & Career Sprint
With Master Nutritionist Lars Rain Gustafsson 
(12Hours, 12 Video Lessons)

Lars Rain Gustafsson will take you through a comprehensive A-Z on running your wholistic business.  This course is designed for any practitioner or expert in the health field.  You will learn every aspect of running your business from the day to day operations to leverage your time and increase your income, to marketing and networking.

Life Fitness Anatomy
With Patty Lager
(24Hours, 84 Video Lessons)

In this in depth, 24hr course being taught in eight 3 hour live classes, Patty Lager will give you a completely new understanding of your anatomy from a living, holistic fitness perspective.

Student Testimonial:
Michael Bouvier's Experiences

Receive ongoing weekly and bi-weekly live coaching calls with UEXL Institute Founder Lars Rain Gustafsson to simplify and apply all you are learning personally and in your business.

Ongoing Coaching, Business, & Personalized Mentorship

Bonus: 21 Day Momentum Breakthrough Experience 
With UEXL Institute Founder: Lars Rain Gustafsson 
($333 Value, 12+Hours)

In order to make full use of this course, I highly recommend that you make a commitment to yourself now that for the next 21 days you will do whatever it takes to burst through any stagnation or passive momentum that is happening in any are of your life.

This course has been designed and compiled from decades of life, business and spiritual research, study and application. Your 21 day breakthrough experience begins now!

Bonus: Wholistic Nutritionist Weekly Mentoring Program ($600+/mo Value)
With UEXL Institute Founder: Lars Rain Gustafsson
(50+Hours, 31 Live Call Replays)

This is a meet up group for students who enroll in the Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Certification Program ONLY. Lars Gustafsson, The Institute Founder, will meet up on a live video conference call with the students once per month to help the students form study groups, guide them to the best WNMP courses for them to take first based on the goals they want to achieve as well as create personalized strategies to help and mentor each student to reach their goals in the most effective manner possible.



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Our Faculty are on the leading edge of the Wholistic Health, Consciousness & Business Industry!

We believe in developing clarity, confidence, and financial security by providing some of the most effective application methods of the skills you will learn within this program. 

Get Clarity With Personalized Guidance In Your
Weekly Wholistic Nutrition MasterClass Live Calls

Success Key 01)
Master New Skills: In the dozens of replays and weekly live calls with UEXL Institute Founder Lars Rain Gustafsson, you will develop and master new skills in business, life coaching and application of your knowledge to access new levels of financial, business, emotional and spiritual clarity and self confidence.

Success Key 02)
Develop Personal Confidence: Through your own personal growth from what you learn and apply in these live calls and replays, you will have a deeper awareness of how to help others through their life's challenges.

Success Key 03)
Be A Part Of Our Community: A major reason people fail in this industry is from attempting to 'go it alone'.  In these live calls and our 24/7 live chat group, you will make new friends to share and help each other in your personal health and business journeys.

Join our community of students from all over the world, and watch some of their testimonials.

With our knowledgeable and heart-centered Staff/Faculty, our students feel thoroughly guided and supported throughout the entire learning process, while they are taught some of the most effective application methods of the skills learned within the program.

Student Testimonials

Testimonial: "I own a Wellness Center and a Kombucha company, and owe it all to the BodyMind Institute! It all started with David Wolfe's Nutrition Certification course about 5 years ago.  The Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Program is the best I have ever seen and with all the extra help and live support you can't find that anywhere.  Another thing that makes this so wonderful, is the business building training to actually help you put your dreams into action and create your new reality."
Debey Hancock,

Susan Cohen

(From Deaths Door To Gut Health Expert)

Jennifer Leffler

(Blending Nutrition With Hair Styling)

Mary Schuft

(From Death's Door To Nutrition Career)

Rahila Ali

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Transform Your Holistic Health and Entrepreneurial Career Within 7 Days!

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