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Welcome to our live training replay with Barry Auchettl!

Removing Blocks For Moving Forward

Here are the statements Barry cleared on this call:

1) I am open to receiving more money
2) I am open to financial freedom
3) I am open to optimal health
4) I am open to improved relationships
5) I am open to better vision
6) I am open to expanding my intuition
7) I am open to receiving more help from others
8) I am open to raising my vibration
9) I am open to raising my frequency
10) I am open to living my life purpose
11)  I am open to moving forward

Meet your presenter:
Barry has helps thousands of people clear sabotage through his courses and “The Scan Charts” book which has sold over 5000 copies.

Barry uses a combination of kinesiology and intuition to discover these blocks as clears the with a technique he created called Light Body Alignment. It looks as easy as Barry snapping his fingers, but is really an energetic clearing on the subtle light bodies.

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