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Wild Rose College of Natural Healing – Iridology


Imagine being able to look into someone’s eyes and see a whole new world . . .

How far can you take your career if you could add on this incredible new skill of investigating a client or patient’s health based on what is showing up in their eyes?  Dr. Terry Willard takes you into an incredible world of health, history and biology in this course.  Filled with anecdotal stories, humor and fun, you will very quickly immerse yourself in these videos, and emerge with a whole new skill you can use with your family, friends, community and career.

Iridology is the science and art of examining the iris of the eye to determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of the body’s tissues. In this comprehensive course, Dr. Terry Willard takes Iridology into the new millennium and beyond with an exploration in Iridology from the ground up starting with its historical roots, moving into a variety of mapping techniques and finishing off with specific signs and landmarks.  Enjoy 112 lessons delivered in 5-15 minute segments accompanied by a full color downloadable course workbook and 49 irises analyzed.

This course is suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals wanting to improve their practice. Iridology is a mandatory course for Wild Rose College students working towards the Master Herbalist, Clinical Herbalist and Wholistic Therapist diploma programs. Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction & Building the Iris Chart
  • Constitutional Issues & Healing Crisis
  • A Concentric Approach to the Iris Chart
  • Landmarks
  • Iris Color & Genotype
  • Special Signs & Marks
  • Reflex Areas, Body Polarity, Crossovers and Pigments
  • Iris Interpretation Techniques
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