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BodyMind Performance Certification


Faculty: Lars Rain Gustafsson

Are you looking for a functional nutrition career boost? Want the edge? Clarity?

This all-encompassing course is THE replacement for ALL BodyMind Nutrition Courses:  The BodyMind Nutrition 101, the BodyMind Sports Nutrition Certification, the BodyMind Nutrition Certification and the 90 Day BodyMind Renewal Program!

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Bringing you PERFORMANCE to all areas of Life: health, fitness, mind, body, and career!  Getting results in all areas of life is not only possible, but when you use even just a few of these systems, it’s inevitable!  Based on decades of real Life Coaching and application of nutrition, fitness, life and success principles, this course is a non-stop flow of personal success, emotional freedom, and physical fitness achievement.



Let’s get rid of overwhelm!
With millions of websites and studies, there are threads of commonalities that would take you years to sort through. THEN, trying to decide on what to apply personally or with clients is overwhelming. Let’s simplify it down to “Simple Shifts That Can Last A Lifetime!”

Learn proven systems, strategies and protocols that work!
Nutrition is woven into all aspects of life. Everything we think, believe, do, our environment, our relationships, the toxicity in our bodies, all are part of what MUST be included in your nutrition strategies.

Do you want some deep dive feedback with one our students?
Watch this interview by Dr Lindsay interviewing Lars Gustafsson.

Learn From The BEST Of The BEST!
In Your Online Functional Nutrition Certification You Will Receive 100’s Of Hints, Tips & Strategies For Living A HIGH Performance Life …
brought to you by David Avocado Wolfe, Dr. Terry Willard, Udo Erasmus,
Max Morin, Dr. Henele, Dr. Ritamarie, Dr. Janey, Yarrow Willard, Dr. Carolyn Dean, Elaina Love, Jeff Agostinelli and many more to come!

Optimized Energy, Sleep, Stress, Detox, Herbal Medicine Cabinet, High Performance Herbs and Mushrooms, Nutrition Strategies, Optimized Immunity, Gut Health, Fermentation, Hormone Balance, Dental Care, Beautiful Skin, Weight Loss, Self Esteem, Conscious Manifestation, Coaching Strategies, Business and Marketing Strategies… and many more!

Everything in life comes down to the simple action steps that create results! You will learn and apply the strategies from experts in this field and from the proven results of 100s of 1,000s of clients, patients and lives!

Upgrade Now In Life’s Grand Performance…
Become a “Certified BodyMind Performance Coach”!

Getting results in all areas of life is not only possible, but when you use even a few of these systems, it’s inevitable! Based on decades of real Life Coaching and application of nutrition, fitness, life and success principles, this course is a non-stop flow of personal success, emotional freedom, and physical fitness achievement.

Life is a grand performance! From Children to Moms, to Nutritionists, and from Athletes to Corporate Executives… the strategies in this program are geared to support every aspect of living life to its fullest. Everything starts with the core nutrition systems in place and is then supported by upgrades on every aspect of success habits, strategies and consciousness evolution.

No matter what aspect of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, corporate or life guidance you are into, every one of these relies on your clients receiving the BEST possible solutions to physical, mental and emotional limitations. The 100s of upgrades you will learn in this course will create new breakthroughs that will put you front and center as the go-to life performance expert for creating results!

Whether we’re in Nutrition, Life Coaching, Personal Training, or Health professionals … all of us benefit from non-stop upgrades in our education and knowledge. Why wait dozens of years to gain the experience to access the strategies and upgrades that you can begin applying right now?!

7 JAM PACKED Recorded Webinar Classes!
Learn The 12x12x12 Performance System!

Duration: 2h 30m

EVERYTHING that produces success in the Health and Fitness field comes down to these 12 health strategies! 1,000s of books & scientific studies support the CORE 12!

Duration: 2h 30m

Get the BEST upgrades from the TOP professionals. Learn how to use these to support every aspect of life: Mental, emotional, spiritual, performance & professional success!

12 CORE Support Modalities
Duration: 2h 30m

Discover the best of the best in health, life and professional advancement! Create your own ‘inner circle’ of powerful Life Support through proven healing modalities!

Duration: 2h 30m

Create a solid foundation physically, mentally and emotionally. Set yourself up with the RIGHT strategies for the BEST results.. in each moment!

Duration: 2h 30m

One plus one doesn’t equal two in the world of synergistic strategies! Discover how any combination of specific actions create synergistic, POWERFUL and MULTIPLIED results!

Duration: 2h 30m

Knowledge without application is useless… it just sits in your mind or in books without a place to express itself. With personal and professional application, you create WISDOM AND INFLUENCE!

Performance Curriculum Synopsis
Discover The 12x12x12 System:


1) Beliefs & Emotion

2) Hydration & Electrolytes

3) Grounding & Negative ions

4) Nutrient Density

5) Fermentation & Gut Health

6) pH Balance:  Alkalinity

7) Vitamins & Minerals

8) Exercise

9) Sleep & Rest

10) Environment

11) Hormone Balance

12) Mind, Body & Spiritual Detox


1) Super Foods

2) Herbal Choices

3) Mushrooms

4) Essential Oils

5) Food Preparation Strategies

6) Frequencies (Music, Brain Waves)

7) Nootropics

8) Performance Supplements

9) Mega Dose Nutrients

10) Health Technologies

11) Personal Development Systems

12) Performance Habits


1) Tapping

2) Meditation

3) Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong

4) TCM & Ayurveda

5) Biofeedback

6) Massage, Reflexology, etc.

7) Chiropractic

8) Energy Work (Reiki, etc.)

9) Food Production

10) Shamanic & Ancient Traditions

11) Training Systems

12) All Body Work


  • You strive to learn more, do more, and take action!
  • Your life & career depends on getting results!
  • You want your health & life to exceed expectations!
  • You never want to stop improving!
  • Mothers, Families, Sports Enthusiast of ANY Type, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Health Enthusiasts, Baby Boomers, Corporate Types, Business People, Entrepreneurs, Life & Business Coaches.. and of course, PERFORMANCE ENTHUSIASTS!


  • You learn just for the information.
  • Life is on cruise control – it’s all good.
  • You’re a skeptic – who’s to say it works?
  • You’re not into performing at your personal best.
  • If you believe that success happens to “those lucky” people… genetically gifted, who strike it lucky, have the perfect opportunities, etc. etc.  But it’s NOT too late!  You CAN drop these limiting beliefs and turn it all around!

BodyMind Performance Certification Curriculum

THE EMOTION CONNECTION: What if you could guarantee an elevated emotional state, especially during tough or stressful times? What if you could absolutely know which nutrients, supplements and personal development techniques to use to uplift yourself and others to create almost instant shifts in your emotions? This is a theme we will carry throughout the duration of this course and will be one of the most valuable takeaways from everything you will learn.

THE STRESS CONNECTION: We are all inundated by many forms of internal and external stress. Having an awareness of all the possible stressors and simple ways in which you can mitigate these, is truly one of the most valuable skills you will ever learn in life. Stress is so pervasive, degrading, debilitating, and harmful to your health and that of your clients. You’ll learn small hints and tips you can use yourself as well as give to your clients which will propel transformation in everyone’s life. Allow yourself to free up energy to do so much more and elevate your performance level.

THE DETOX CONNECTION: With cleansing and detoxification now in the public awareness, there are many ways in which one can not only detoxify, but also do it in a way that is less than positive for the body. You’ll learn about not only how to strengthen the body and mind through detoxification, but you’ll also learn a wonderful layered approach that can detoxify you in a subtle and unintrusive way. These layers can increase the depth of detoxification until one becomes ready mentally, emotionally, and physically to go ‘deep’ into the world of shedding unwanted toxins from all areas of the mind-body-life complex.

INTRODUCTION TO BALANCED NUTRITION: A whole definition of ‘Balanced Nutrition’ within the renewal paradigm.

THE FOUR STATES OF BALANCE: How stress, detoxification, pH balance, and hormone balancing create on-going renewal and boost results in any area of your life.
NUTRITION BALANCE: By learning the principles of nutritional balance in connection to stress, pH, cleansing, and hormone balance, you will see the unlimited possibilities open up for the rest of your life!

CALORIES DEMYSTIFIED: A whole new way of understanding ‘energy’ at a micro-cellular level and the many factors that increase or diminish the ability of your body to ‘burn’ energy.
GLYCEMIC INDEX DEMYSTIFIED: By radically shifting your understanding of how Insulin works, you can lower the ‘glycemic response’ by 30% or more! Never worry again about those ‘forbidden’ carbs! This valuable tool for creating a road map for success is unfortunately become another limiting factor for many people. We’re going to learn how to unlock the GI so that it literally doesn’t play such a confining role in your life.

THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF: In my early days of discovering the power of our mind over our bodies, I was introduced to the world of Dr. Bruce Lipton and his profound work in uncovering the way in which we control every aspect of our genetic expression by the environment around our cells which we create through our actions, nutrition, environment, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. This awareness will set the tone for the rest of the course.

KEY NUTRITION DEFINITIONS: We’ll redefine what it means to truly ‘nourish’ our bodies at the molecular level. We’ll also explore dozens of areas in which you can upgrade and expand your nourishing lifestyle for yourself and your clients.

VITAMINS, MINERALS & SUPPLEMENTS: Cut through the clutter of the billion dollar industry that is doing its best to help you live a healthier life. There are simple principles you can use to get right to the supplements that will truly make a difference for you. You will literally be able to FEEL the difference authentically.
ENZYMES: Discover the ultimate way to replenish these essential keys to life.

FIBER: We’ll go through a whole new angle of where Fiber fits-in with everything from detoxifying to weight loss to performance. You’ll know how to strategically use it for blood sugar control, enhanced nutrient absorption, and to lower cravings.

CHOICES IN 3 CORE LEVELS OF NUTRIENTS: We’ll focus on the core layers of the many ways in which we nourish our bodies and minds to create an uplifted life filled with vitality and enjoyment.

CRAVINGS: Learn how to listen to your body, your mind, and your emotions so that cravings can tell you more than just the negative connotations attached to them. Sometimes it’s just nice to go out and have a ‘fun’ meal without having to feel guilty! So let’s get to that point together. Let’s get rid of any negative associations to food you may have so you can be free to enjoy the good times when they come up, and not worry about any negative side effects or beliefs from the past.

DIGESTIVE HEALTH: One of the most important factors in nutrition that determines the destiny of ALL other choices is your digestion. Linked to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being, getting this core area of your life sorted out will literally alter the course of your nutritional destiny.

BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION & NUTRITIONAL BALANCE: By bringing a new meaning to the word ‘balance’, we’ll go through the many amazing things that you can accomplish in your physical, mental, emotional, and overall performance. What an incredible area to explore and open up to new possibilities!

INTRODUCTION TO INSULIN RESISTANCE VS. SENSITIVITY: With the rampant firestorm of people becoming diabetic, we’ll explore what causes this to occur and what are the simple shifts we can take to steer our lives in a new direction.

SALT: We are ‘electrical beings having a human experience’. When you ‘turn on’ the electric potential throughout your body, a whole new world of mind-body connection opens up for you. The ‘forbidden’ salt that comes from highly processed systems is clearly not the salt we’re talking about here. You’ll learn about a whole new way of thinking about salt and will never want to go without it again.

WATER & HYDRATION: There is a saying that goes ‘you aren’t in pain, you’re dehydrated’. After coaching 1,000s of clients in these past decades, I still have never met a person who was properly hydrated when they first came to see me. This one key area will alter the course of your health career and life.

GOOD FATS: We’re going to learn how some fats are literally so valuable to your cellular repair and rebuilding that they act as ‘negative’ calories! YES, fats that actually ‘disappear’ into your body without the regular calorie load and end up INCREASING your metabolism!

EXCLUSIVE NUTRITION FORMULAS: One of the things that comes only through time and experience, are the successful formulas, systems, protocols and step-by-step processes that you can roll out over the course of 90 days. For the first time ever, I am going to bring this knowledge to this live event and to the BodyMind Nutrition 101 course curriculum. These time tested proven systems will help to gain a better understanding of how to put together a plan of action for success in everything from weight loss to physical and mental performance.

CHEWING AND DIGESTION: Not just any chewing … but a whole new way to approach eating itself!

BREATHING AND SLEEP: The two areas you normally don’t think about having to focus on are the cornerstones to health itself. Next to digestion and hydration, these are 2 of the most overlooked areas of healthy living which DIRECTLY affect our nutritional profiles and ALL of the results we are getting from the healthy foods we’re eating.
THE 60 – 90% RAW PLAN: Discover the ‘baseline’ plan that will work for you and most of your clients. Learn how this system increases metabolism, detoxifies the body, balances hormones, and creates clear emotional and mental states.

90 DAY RENEWAL CYCLES: Discover the fundamental cycles of renewal which happen over 90 days and the core nutrients affecting cell renewal.
DETOXIFICATION: As we move into the greatest detox era of all time, you will have a clear understanding of how to get started and develop a detoxification routine as the foundation for your complete health and wellbeing. Every goal we can have, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, and in our relationships is tied to the amount we detoxify and cleanse our cells, our bodies and our minds.

the area of physical performance! Everything we do with our nutrition is DIRECTLY measurable within the realm of our physical output. This is where the rubber hits the road! Everything we’ll cover in this course will mean you’ll have instant and dramatic results in your own training and performance, but also that of your clients. Want to gain an edge competitively? Discover why I have been kept a ‘secret’ by so many soccer & hockey Moms and Dads as well as top Olympic Athletes!

WEIGHT LOSS SECRETS AND SYSTEMS: Almost every person that I have coached has had a moderate to major change in body weight that they’ve achieved. Through their discovery of the principles of vitality nutrition, they have invariably come to see their weight loss goals as a side effects of enjoying true nourishment in all aspects of their bodies, minds and lives. Now it’s your turn to learn the fundamental secrets to toning and weight loss that millions seek. You’ll know, understand, and apply these principles in your life and with your clients with effortless ease and certainty.

SUSTAINED RESULTS: We often hear about the ‘yo-yo’ effect of folks going on and off plans throughout their lives. Not only will you learn that you can end this cycle permanently, but also find out how to get to your results in a sustainable and simple way. The latter is the most important to truly grasp: that easy shifts and additions to your day are likely going to be the ones that are sustainable. So throughout this course, we’ll always come back to making wise decisions in the select areas of our lives that will impact all of our life. Once you’ve mastered these first simple shifts, you can then move on to add new simple shifts and so on. Each time you do this, your whole being will begin to gain momentum, and your mind-body-emotion complex will open up to completely new possibilities of what it means to truly be at our best.

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