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"In this course, I'm revealing ALL the Steps, Checklists, "Must Haves", Community Support and what it takes within you to build a successful online presence with revenue generating programs, and specific steps and choices that will potentially save you $100,000's! Please watch the video below before joining me in this Founders Discovery course."
Lars Rain Gustafsson

Lars-Rain-Gustafsson Founder UEXL Institute and BodyMind Institute


Hi, my name is Lars Rain Gustafsson, I'm the founder of the UEXL Institute and the BodyMind Institute.

When I began building the BodyMind Institute, I had tough road ahead, and I'll share the whole story in this course.  The vision and massive faculty and student support of building a Board Certification in nutrition prevailed over the hardships, turmoil and major challenges of building a beautiful online learning experience.  If there is one important lesson you will learn in this course, it's to have a strong team.  I've been incredibly  blessed to be surrounded by loving, detail oriented and dedicated team members that brought us to this point in our journey.

I have had the magnificent pleasure of working with world leaders in health, education, personal development, marketing and consciousness evolution, in helping them build their online institutes and membership platforms.  In several thousand hours of one on one coaching and "done for you" work, I have uncovered the strategies, step-by-step systems, check lists, and success processes to help you launch your own online platform.  I have compiled the best of the best (and most valuable) lessons from this work to provide you with a life changing and valuable insight into how you can leverage your time, energy and resources to take your work online.

In this course I will reveal everything it took to build the BodyMind Institute, including the hardships and victories.  My goal is to provide you with the insights, actions and map you need to be aware of as you begin or expand your journey of taking your education online.

I've designed this e-course as a life and business changing experience, packed with bonus MasterClasses, and my $97 "BodyMind Renewal" e-course as bonus when you reach the end.

I look forward to meeting you on the inside, and in person on our complimentary coaching call ($333 value) when you are finished this course.   

“I love the collaboration. That's a big piece of why I'm drawn to this model.”

"Lars has both self-awareness and technical knowledge in how to deliver education online. UEXL is a truly unique platform and built-for-you structure. I love the collaboration. That's a big piece of why I'm drawn to this model. It shifts one of the 7 challenges of marketing: from competition to collaboration. A beautiful win-win-win model!"
~ Mark Porteous

Co-Founder: Inspired Messengers Network

Mark Porteous

Co-Founder: Inspired Messengers Network


  • Feeling Alone
  • Needing Check Lists
  • Lack of Consistency
  • Fear of Standing Out
  • Fear of Ridicule
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Success
  • Lack of Inspiration
  • Not Knowing Enough
  • Webinar Funnel Overwhelm
  • Marketing Overwhelm
  • Relationship Issues
  • Tasks Overwhelm
  • Membership Support
  • Procrastination
  • What's Blocking You?
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • The Imposter Syndrome
  • Mental Exhaustion
  • Emotional Exhaustion
  • Physical Exhaustion
  • Building Your Data Base
  • Creating Balance In Life
  • Relationship With Wealth
  • Facing Challenges Alone
  • Choosing "The One Thing"
  • Stress Overtaking You
  • Branding Overwhelm
  • Video Production Skills
  • Analytics & KPI Overwhelm
  • Tech Overwhelm
  • Join Venture Overwhelm
  • Running Out Of Ideas
  • New Content Blocks
  • Lack of Revenue Models
  • Online Revenue Blocks
  • Offline Revenue Blocks
  • Copy Writing Overwhelm
  • Team Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Losing Your Passion
  • It's Not "Fun" Anymore
  • Landing Page Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Education Flow Overwhelm

The UEXL Founders Discovery E-Course


10 Years Experience

Get the insiders' secrets to what creates success in online education!


Complete Service

Learn how you will be able to access a complete "done for you" experience.


Focused On Results!

Discover dozens of steps, strategies and actions you can take to get results.

UEXL Founder Testimonial:
Deanna Hansen

Course Curriculum

UEXL is looking for new Founders to welcome into our education leadership community!

Are you looking for a way to leverage your time, energy and resources by taking your coaching and education material online?

Are you overwhelmed with the technologies and options available?

 Feeling alone?
Would you like to have a community to work and Joint Venture with?

Have you hit a ceiling in your income and want to create recurring revenue?

Lars Rain Gustafsson will unwrap what it takes to build a successful online education platform that will transform your life and all those you are destined to reach and influence.

In this 8-Part E-Course You Will Learn:

Lesson 01: Turning pain points into solutions!

With over 45 major pain points that you will potentially encounter, Lars reveals how you can easily bypass these challenges.

Bonus #1: The Core Values Index MASTERCLASS with Lynn Taylor

Discovering what your Core Values Index is with this quiz and 1hr Masterclass, and how it can impact every aspect of your actions and work is one of the most life changing experiences.

Lesson 02: The "Just Own It" Philosophy

Getting rid of excuses and owning every aspect of your business and what it takes to succeed, will catapult you into a new level of action and joyful work!

Bonus #2: The "Just Own It" MASTERCLASS with Lars Rain Gustafsson

Filmed for the UEXL MasterMind on January 01st, 2019, this powerful presentation will give you magnificent insights into what you can 'own' to bust through any ceilings, barriers or challenges in your life.

Lesson 03: Achieving Maximum Leverage

The #1 aspect of taking your work on line is to achieve leverage in your time, energy and resources.  There are a number of aspects that can rob you of this leverage and cause enormous stress as your funds and energy dwindle away.   This lesson will uncover the most important things to look out for so you can continue to achieve maximum leverage in your business and life.

Bonus #3: B.A.N.K Communicating To Connect with David T. Gross

You may be missing out on 75% of your audience by being unaware of how to communicate with them in your writing, social media, emails, videos and education material!  This life changing MasterClass with David T. Gross is the #1 favourite in our UEXL MasterMind Club with our students and Founders.

Lesson 04: The Law Of The Lid

What is your ceiling in life and business?  Do you know what is blocking you?  In this powerful lesson we will unwrap the key areas that you can begin to work on right away to unlock hidden potential within you and your business.

Bonus #4: The Founders Wheel of Momentum

What part of your business or life do you need to work on to instantly see shifts in revenue, greater leverage, and a more joyful business experience?

Lesson 05: The TOP 10 Must Have's

With over 25,000 hours of building online education in the last 10 years, Lars has uncovered the TOP 10 Must Have's to accelerate your experience and results in taking your education online!

Bonus #5: 90 Day BodyMind Renewal E-Course with Lars Rain Gustafsson 

The first edition of this course was filmed in 2008, as the very first recorded course for the BodyMind Institute.  This 10-hr e-course will provide you with dozens of health, nutrition and lifestyle strategies to support your body, mind, emotions and Spirit as you prepare for your next stage of expansion.

“I am excited about launching my amazing online teaching platform with a membership, courses, and monthly newsletter.”

"When I first met Lars, I had been a sole entrepreneur since 2005 with no online presence. In working with Lars his passion and drive has allowed me to embrace learning technology, internet scheduling and experiencing the making of videos.  Today, I am excited about launching my amazing online teaching platform with a membership, courses, and monthly newsletter. Prior to Lars none of this was remotely possible for me."

Linda Amato

Founder: believablealternatives.com

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