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Attention business coaches, authors, speakers, thought leaders, fitness and nutrition coaches, have you ever wondered how you could take your life experience and turn it into unlimited income generating online course and membership content?

"Lars has both self-awareness and technical knowledge in how to deliver education online. UEXL is a truly unique platform and built-for-you structure. I love the collaboration. That's a big piece of why I'm drawn to this model. It shifts one of the 7 challenges of marketing: from competition to collaboration. A beautiful win-win-win model!"

~ Mark Porteous 

Co-Founder: Inspired Messengers Network

Creating Unlimited Online Revenue Content

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>> Step-by-step guides and a wealth of ideas to draw on.

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About Lars Rain Gustafsson

Founder: BodyMind Institute, Founder: UEXL Institute

Over the last 25 years of Lars' health and nutrition career, he has explored the fundamental nature of how we make decisions, take action, and accomplish the goals and dreams we desire. 

This research started in the first 15 years of his career as a nutritionist, and formed the basis of launching the BodyMind Nutrition Certification in 2003, and the BodyMind Institute in 2009.

Since 2009, Lars has been building the BodyMind Institute, which has now achieved the elite NANP Board Certification for it's package of 17 courses taught by 13 faculty. 

Designing and building online courses that offer an interactive, engaging, and life transformational process became Lars' deepest passion.  

In 2017, Lars launched the platform, to enable anyone to own and run their online education, mentorship and membership work.   Along with the platform Lars has an extensive training program so that every layer of course production, marketing, student support, social learning, and membership growth can be thoroughly understood and implemented.

After 9 years of supporting leading experts in bringing their courses online and out to the world with the BodyMind Institute, I have realized that the world needs thousands of institutes in order to create a revolution in education.  Thank you for being here and joining our worldwide community that is changing the way we think about education, and the way it's delivered.  Let's work together to take your genius online!

~ Lars Rain Gustafsson