Create Freedom With
Momentum AND Detachment

Presented by Lars Rain Gustafsson

MasterMind #04:

Freedom Through Detachment

Now that we have spent the last four days becoming aware of and learning how to build momentum, there is a tremendous energy that begins to build that most are unaware of.  This energy can significantly drain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.  Simply put, it's everything and everyone you are knowingly or unknowingly attached to.

In this live call I will unpack how to get and stay detached from everyone and everything in your life, so that you have a huge amount of energy in your body and soul freed up to live life at a magnificent new level!

Here are the Detachment Commands that I go through on this call.

The “Calling Back” Commands

Step 01: Get your mind to ZERO thoughts
> take a deep diaphragmatic breath and hold for 15 breaths
> drop your consciousness into your heart and observe a golden ball of light around you and your heart
> see this ball of golden light (which is you) expand to surround you... then fill your room, then surround your home, then out to your city ... keep going ... it is now the size of your country, then it fills the whole world, the the Universe... and finally ALL Multiverses.

Step 02: The “Calling Back” Commands
Say 3X: I call back and transmute into unconditional love and light ALL thoughts and things I have said or done to and about any person, thing, event or experience in my life (visualize balls of golden light of unconditional love going back to everyone and everything)
Say 3X: I call back all my power into my soul.
Say 3X: I release ALL energies that are not mine.

Step 03: The Detachment Process
Repeat Step 01 above ... get to ZERO thought and expand your ball of golden light (you) our to all the multiverses.

Say 3X: I detach and cut all chords between me and ALL people, places, times, things and events in this lifetime and all lifetimes, in this timeline and all timelines, in this dimension and all dimensions, and in this universe and all universes.
Say 3X: I call back ALL my power back into my soul.
Say 3X: I release ALL energies that are not mine.

Now in this state of being your full infinite power, direct balls of golden light to everyone you know and everyone and everything that previously had a charge for you.

If you have made a list of those people, places, times, things and events you had a charge on, you can now have a burning ceremony to send love to all you have detached from.

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