Create Freedom With
Momentum AND Detachment

Presented by Lars Rain Gustafsson

Do you feel like you have hit a wall or ceiling in your relationships, spiritual growth, personal joy, career and/or income?

In this MasterMind Series, we're going to thoroughly unpack how to observe momentum, track it, nurture it, and finally add in the Detachment Ritual to catapult you through any barrier or block in your life... with grace and ease.

The first four days of this series will focus on giving you the awareness, tools and strategies to develop momentum in every area of your life including your finances.  

The final class, and definitely the most important of them all, will take you through a guided meditation detachment ritual.  This will, when practiced consistently every day, set you completely free of the blocks, barriers and hindrances caused by being attached to any person or outcome in your life.  

The combination of all the momentum strategies combined with practicing detachment, will give you the freedom to accomplish, be, do and have all you want in life!

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These are the 5 Classes in this series:
Day 01.) The Coaches Wheel Of Momentum (1hr 10min)
Day 02.) The Momentum Formula (1hr 32min)
Day 03.) My Momentum Journal (1hr 35min)
Day 04.) My Momentum Planner (1hr 23min)
Day 05.) Be Free, Powerful and in the Holy Flow Through Detachment (1hr 27min)

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