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Great Health + Great Business + Supercharged Productivity = Amazing Life

Proven Growth Strategies

Never Worry About Clients Again!

  • Design, create, and offer valuable products and services clients will happily pay you money for—again and again and again.
  • Kick sales fear to the curb and sell your packages and services to any person or business in your target market.
  • The the product of YOU. Understand yourself, get to the root of any confidence, market, or ability challenges, work through them, and connect with your bigger market and purpose.

What's in the Box

  • 77 Core / Main Course Videos
  • Bonus 22 Minute "Immediate Action Plan" Webinar
  • 6 Module Quizzes
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    Supercharged Affirmations
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    11 Comprehensive Handout, eBooks, Templates
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    Bonus Audio Program - "How Much to Charge for Coaching or Consulting Services"
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    Full List of Recommended Resources (Tools / Tech / Security / Privacy / Staffing and More)
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    Health-Boosting Power Elixir Recipe Book
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    Comprehensive Final Exam
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    Course Community Access
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    Instructor Access
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    24x7x365 Global "Anytime Access" to Your Course Materials
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    BodyMind Institute Team Technical Support
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    All the instructions, information,. details you need to start, build, grow, and scale a profitable coaching or consulting business.

Leverage Your Business

Get More Done In Less Time

Profitably grow and scale your business without burning out, and without going broke in the process.  When, how, where, who, why—the dynamics of expanding your team. How to expand and work with a team

Supercharge your productivity with the very same systems we teach our coaching and consulting clients. Our productivity system can double your business productivity when practiced each and every day.

Do More Of What You Love

Health In Business And Life

High Performance Nutrition & Business Health Strategies

DO's and DON'TS of running a coaching business. (Some of this is covered in the bonus Module 8.) These steps alone can shave YEARS from your business ramp-up time.

Boost your concentration, health, energy, life, and business intelligence with high-performance health drinks, affirmations, and daily tools.

Corbin, I've seen enough already! 

I'm ready to build my business now.

Our Coaching Profits Grads Love This Course!

Coming from a teaching job, I had no business background or experience. Corbin's program as a foundation for success. I've even had my first paying client! Thank you Corbin!

Maureen Ivusic

Blog Editor

This course is priceless! I wish I had these strategies, step-by-step guides, and proven systems when I began my career. The client modules in this course are amazing!

Lars Gustafsson

Founder: BodyMind Institute

Faculty bio

Corbin Links

Transformational Business Coach, Automation Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Identity Access Management (IAM / IdM) Consultant, Enterprise Architect.

In his extensive career, Corbin has helped companies such as Cisco, Disney, The United States Government, Southern California Edison and Microsoft automate business process, streamline IT delivery systems, reduce costs, manage vendors, and run 6--8 figure business programs.

As managing partner of Links Business Group LLC, an international business and technical consultancy, Corbin helps freelancers, coaches, and consultants build and scale their businesses in just a few weeks.

Also known in identity management and automation circles as the “consultant’s consultant”, Corbin has delivered international keynote presentations on program management and identity management (IAM / IdM) topics. Former clients continue seeking his advice years later. Corbin has written several books on the topic, his most recent is the “IAM Quick Start Guide”, available only at Corbin brings that rare mix of technical "hands-on the keyboard", and "business savvy to get it done" expertise to complex enterprise-scale projects.

Corbin is also a nutritionist who lives and teaches the biz-life equation:

"Great Health + Great Business + Supercharged Productivity = Amazing Life"

Coaching Profits Brings VITALITY Back Into Your Health Business!







Coaching Profits Intensive Outline

Module 1: Setting the Stage (Weeks 1–2)

  • Welcome to Coaching Profits Intensive

  • Module 1: Introduction

  • Affirmation

  • Meet Your Instructor

  • Intro: The Bigger Picture

  • Coaching and Consulting Overview

  • Service Delivery Types

  • Creating Your Own BIO Plan

  • BIO Plan Handout (Download and reference when watching the BIO Plan Walkthrough)

  • BIO Plan Walkthrough Video

  • Define Your Best Client Audience

  • Upgrade Your Health Tip #1

  • Quiz One

Module 2: 7 Business  Basics (Weeks 1–2)

  • Module 2: Introduction

  • Affirmation

  • First Requirement

  • Second Requirement

  • Executive Summary and Online Profile Builder Worksheet (handout)

  • Third Requirement

  • Business Entity Types

  • Fourth Requirement

  • Fifth Requirement

  • Sixth Requirement

  • Seventh Requirement

  • Upgrade Your Health Tip #2

  • Quiz Two

Module 3 - Packaging and Pricing (Weeks 1–2)

  • Module 3: Introduction

  • Affirmation

  • The 4 Main Pricing Models

  • Packaging Your Services

  • Pricing Your Services

  • Sales Intro: Flip Your Thinking

  • Sales: The REAL Story - Part 1 ((optional link to 'free sample' cpi-module3-sales-real-story-part1-free-sample.mp4))

  • Sales: The REAL Story - Part 2

  • Selling to People vs. Companies

  • The Only Sales Equation You’ll Ever Need

  • Upgrade Your Health Tip #3

  • Quiz Three

We recommend keeping Week 3 clear for applying your training from Modules 1-4 and booking clients. Then, continuing on with Modules 5-7.

Module 4 - Finding & Keeping Clients (Wks 1–2)

  • Module 4: Introduction

  • Affirmation

  • Acquiring vs. Attracting

  • Marketing 101

  • It’s NOT Who You Know…

  • Prospecting 101 ((optional link to 'free sample' cpi-module4-prospecting101-free-sample.mp4))

  • Prospecting Effort and Planning (Handout)

  • The Follow-up “Secret”

  • Getting Your FIRST Client

  • Getting Your Second, Third, or Tenth Client

  • How to Keep a Steady Flow of Clients

  • Delivering BIG Value to Your Clients

  • Managing Perceptions and Expectations

  • Upgrade Your Health Tip #4

  • Quiz Four

Module 5 - Admin and Management (Weeks 4–5)

  • Module 5: Introduction

  • Affirmation

  • Management vs. Service Delivery

  • Client Lifecycle Stages

  • Client Onboarding ((optional link to 'free sample' cpi-module5-client-onboarding-free-sample.mp4*))

  • Business Money: Part 1

  • Business Money: Part 2

  • Business Money: Part 3

  • Knowing When to Get Help

  • Upgrade Your Health Tip #5

  • Quiz Five

Module 6 - Next Level Your Business (Wks 4–5)

  • Module 6: Introduction

  • Affirmation

  • Creating Your Business Systems

  • Supercharging Your Productivity With “5D+3MIT”

  • 3MIT Productivity

  • Managing Your Entire Client Lifecycle

  • Automating Your Business

  • Automation Tools and Methods

  • Securing Your Business

  • Protecting Your Reputation and Image

  • Upgrade Your Health Tip #6

  • Quiz Six

Module 7 - The Business of YOU (Weeks 4–5)

  • Module 7: Introduction

  • Affirmation

  • Your Most Important Investment

  • Maintaining Your Professional Edge

  • Delivering Your Personal Best

  • Upgrade Your Health #7

  • Course Final Review (insert final here, not part of numbering system)

  • Course Final Quiz

  • You Did It! What Happens Next

Handouts / eBooks / Exercises

  • First Step: How to Use the Course Handouts

  • Create Your Personal BIO Plan

  • How to Create a Client-Magnet Online Profile and Executive Summary

  • Audio Bonus (MP3): How Much SHOULD You Charge for Coaching or Consulting Services

  • Consulting Continuum Explanation Graphic

  • eBook: How Much SHOULD You Charge for Coaching or Consulting Services

Handouts / eBooks / Exercises... Continued

  • Get Your First Client NOW! -- Explainer Video (Watch before using the workbook.)

  • Get Your First Client NOW! -- Workbook (After the explainer video...)

  • How and Where to Find Great Clients

  • How to Create WIN / WIN Coaching or Consulting Agreements

  • Template: Sample Technical Consulting Agreement

  • Prospecting Effort and Planning Worksheet

  • Recommended Resources and Tools

  • eBook: High-Performance Drinks and "Magic" Business Elixirs

Corbin, This Is Awesome! 

I'm ready to dive in and start learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

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