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The International Institute Of Advanced Intuition within 4 weeks after signing up! It's only been possible with the INSTANT clone institute and systems I was provided, the technical support guidance, master minding and community support of the other founders, and the wisdom of the experts who are helping me 10x my business! This UEXL social learning and community platform is my dream come true!
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Lars has both self-awareness and technical knowledge in how to deliver education online. UEXL is a truly unique platform and built-for-you structure. I love the collaboration. That’s a big piece of why I’m drawn to this model. It shifts one of the 7 challenges of marketing: shifting from competition to collaboration. A beautiful win-win-win model.

Mark Porteous
Co-Founder: Inspired Messengers Network

This model is incredibly well thought-through! The machine that the UEXL Platform is built-upon is the exact OPPOSITE of an echo chamber where education never seems to change or go anywhere... because everyone is 'echoing' each other.  Since I met him in 2013, I've watched Lars build this learning space to become a system that is strengthened with interactions.  Lars listens and ACTS on the feedback from the faculty, advisory teams, and most importantly... the students! This model WORKS!

Alisha "Bee" Forrester Scott
UEXL Joint Venture Partner

Top 16 Biggest Life, Business & Education Challenges SOLVED BY UEXL!

  • Simple Choices
  • Joint Ventured Education
  • New Education Strategies
  • SIMPLIFIED SOCIAL LEARNING! Do you want to learn how to grow your business WITHIN a learning experience environment, instead of sending customers OFF of your website (to Facebook or other platforms)? We have figured it out!
  • ENJOY AN EXPANDED TEACHING EXPERIENCE! Do you desire to offer more true value to each of your customers and students? Learn to simplify your ongoing workload, enjoy your work, and give your students an expanded life experience.
  • MASTER MIND with other founders and teachers! Need to manifest relationships with like-minded others, and understand how the channels of doing online business as part of a caring collective, works? Our JV collective is blazing new trails, daily.
  • GAMIFICATION is an exciting new realm of online education! Perhaps you are desiring to integrate “gamification” into your courses and programs? We have prepared a way for you to engage more deeply with your clients, customers and students.  By providing a Master Mind Founders Team environment, we can all work together with these new innovations and expand all our education in a way that makes it fun to learn! 


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