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    TIME saving hints that let you do what you love (teaching!) and get rid of tech headaches.
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    Eliminate CONFUSION and have absolute clarity about how all the moving pieces come together (technology, education delivery, student engagement, and marketing).
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    Overwhelmed and confused on which platform and technologies to use?
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    KEYS to get out of ISOLATION and into COMMUNITY to mastermind and develop education with a Joint Venture mindset.

 Mark Porteous 

Co-Founder: Inspired Messengers Network

  • Lars has both self-awareness and technical knowledge in how to deliver education online.  UEXL is a truly unique platform and built-for-you structure.  I love the collaboration.  That's a big piece of why I'm drawn to this model.  It shifts one of the 7 challenges of marketing: from competition to collaboration.  A beautiful win-win-win model!

What You Receive In Your UEXL Institute:

  • A done-for-you institute site!
  • Your first course loaded for you!
  • Complete training for your team!
  • Done-for-you Infusionsoft setup!
  • Fast track plan for launch!
  • Guidance for your programs!
  • MasterMind Founders Team.
  • Instant JV Network!
  • Ongoing support & guidance.

What Revenue Streams Can I Create?

  • Webinar & Telesummits
  • Mastermind Groups & Classes
  • Membership Programs
  • Specialty Skills & Knowledge
  • K-12 Kids & Parents Programs
  • Health, Life & Business Coaching
  • Certifications & Diplomas 
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Corporate Onboarding

What is my investment?

Our research and extensive experience has shown that to build and launch your online institute will take from $20-50,000+ (some of our founders have spent over a $100k prior to moving to UEXL).  This is why we have put together a complete system to duplicate the institute we have setup here at UEXL, so that you have everything ready to go, and all of us save on the enormous amount of time, energy and investment it would take to build everything from scratch.  This means that you SAVE $10,000's, and can get a fully scalable online institute and membership platform launched within 2-6 months (depending on the volume of courses and offers).   On the inside of this E-Course we will dive into the setup investment and the layers to creating a successful online business to thrive!

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UEXL Founder Testimonials

 Heidi Jane 

 #1 Best Selling Author of “Are You an Evolutionary Advantage? 


The International Institute Of Advanced Intuition was able to launch within 4 weeks after signing up! It's only been possible with the INSTANT built-for-you institute and systems I was provided, along with the phenomenal technical support guidance, master minding and community support of the other founders, and the wisdom of the experts who are helping me 10x my business! This UEXL social learning and community platform is my dream come true!

UEXL Founder Package Provides:





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TURN ANY OF THESE... Books, Webinars, Courses, Telesummits, Interviews, Podcasts, Videos, Live Events & One-On-One Coaching...



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