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David Wolfe's 100% Online Wholistic Nutrition Certification

Gain the skills, knowledge and wisdom to work with the natural elements, nutrients and gifts of the earth to create a healthy, vibrant and thriving life and business.

  • Your first course for NANP Board Certification Curriculum.
  • Beginner to advanced strategies,  systems & protocols.
  • Work with your own, friends, family and clients health goals.
  • Online Community To Learn & Collaborate In Your Journey
  • Bi-Weekly Live Mentoring Calls With Recorded Replays.


REGULAR: $633.00

David Wolfe's Inner Circle Testimonials

Connect with students all over the world in this Wholistic Career Path of Nutrition that includes the science and real life application of Herbal, Raw Nutrition, Peak Performance, Gardening, Business And Life Coaching Systems, Proven Strategies And Protocols.

I absolutely loved the course! I have completed several nutrition certification programs and this was one of the most interesting and informative courses! I love David's personality and the way in which he shares his information. I also loved the way in which he continuously noted the research and names of researchers/scientist behind the research/information he talked about. Thank you, Body Mind Institute and David Wolfe for such a valuable and informative program.
~ Reeca R

Thank you again for your help. I have been so amazed at the graciousness of your team in all of your communications with me. I feel so blessed to have completed the David Wolfe Nutrition Certification Course. I learned so much, since it is so incredibly packed with invaluable, insightful, unique nutritional and natural health knowledge. It certainly exceeded my expectations, in terms of what I have been able to take away from it, and reflect on in my own life journey and pursuits. Thanks again!
~ Jessica

David's course was fantastic. If somebody had time to do it a 100 times, he would still discover new things every time. It is complete, empowering and David's passion made me feel so happy and passionate too. It was my evening relaxation throughout this year, made me travel in places where I'd want to live, made me understand that learning is easy when you know how to do the teaching. Thank you David for existing and having such a contribution to my life. Go on spreading what you know and inspiring people. Best regards,
~ Monica Goia-Socol

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

Course Synopsis & Curriculum Content

Your Online Interactive - Unlimited Access - Course:

  • 240+ HD Video Lessons With David
  • Extensive Nutrition, Herbal and Super Food Science
  • Step by Step Coaching Guides To Launch Your Career
  • Develop Personalized Nutrition Strategies For Clients
  • Raw Food Foraging and Spring Water Strategies
  • Interactive Student Discussion Group On Facebook
  • Earn Your David Wolfe Nutrition Certification Designation
  • Get Exclusive Access To International Insurance Coverage

Module 1 - Introduction (Lessons 1-14): David makes the complex - simple … distilling his philosophies of nutrition, health and living abundantly.

Module  2 - Raw Living Science (Lessons 15-29): Why raw, how much, types, descriptions and science David's pantry.. and create your own.

Module 3 - Spring Water Science (Lessons 30-39): The science, benefits and mystery of spring water. Follow David to springs in his back yard and around the world.

Module 4 - Everything Chocolate (Lessons 40-57):
Create your own delicious blends of chocolate while learning the science, history and formulas of cacao.

 Module 5 - Gardening Lessons (Lessons 58-66): Dig deep into the science of nurturing your garden, caring for your plants, and living close to the earth.

Module 6 - NoniLand Hawaii Garden Tour (Lessons 67-82): Learn herbs and plants that upgrade all aspects of your life as you tour with David through his earth lab.

Module 7 - Body and Mind Solutions (Lessons 83-97): Want to live with abundant health? Discover superfoods, herbs and solutions in a full body lesson series.

Module 8 - Maximized Immunity (Lessons 98-107):Your step by step guide to learning the science and methods of building your body’s natural immune systems.

Module 9 - Life and Cleansing Lessons (Lessons 108-123):Your step by step guide to learning the science and methods of cleansing the organs and systems of your body and mind.

Module 10 - Elixir, Foraging and QnA (Lessons 124-140): Delve deep into the science of elixir crafting and foraging. Q&A’s by the fireside in David’s home.

Module 11 - Nutrition Essentials (Lessons 141-154):Breaking down the science of macronutrients, energy,and immunity. Bonus interview with Nassim Haramein.

Module 12 - Elixir and Life Lessons (Lessons 155-167)Another delicious elixir crafting and science series!Life lessons with David in Hawaii.

Module 14 - Color Cure: Activate Genius (Lessons 189-200):The scientific fundamentals of color based nutrition to activate your genius.

Module 15 - Color Cure - Nutribullet (Lessons 201-213):This is the science and depth you won’t see on T.V.! Exclusive education and recipes for an upgraded life.

Module 16 - Review and Final Exam: This last week will be a light review and getting ready to take your final exam. Once you pass you will receive your exclusive David Wolfe Nutrition Certificate!

Repeat! :) LEARN-ACTIVATE-REPEAT! Now you have the rest of the year to review and interact with students worldwide in the exclusive course discussion forums, and catch things you may have missed in the previous 16 weeks. And of course, new material will be added as we film with David around the world! Everything about this course is about action. As you had fun learning and applying the information in the previous 16 weeks you upgraded your mind and body in all areas.

Your Full Curriculum Content
(Lesson By Lesson Description)

Module 1: Video Lessons 1-14 - Introduction

Module 3: Video Lessons 30-39 - Spring Water

Module 5: Video Lessons 58-66 - Gardening Pt1

Module 7: Video Lessons 83-97 - Body & Mind

Module 9: Video Lessons 108-123 - Cleansing!

Module 11: Video Lessons 141-154 - Essentials

Module 13: Video Lessons 168-188 - Color Cure

Module 15: Video Lessons 201-213 - NutriBullet

Module 2: Video Lessons 15-29 - David's Pantry

Module 4: Video Lessons 40-57 - Chocolate!

Module 6: Video Lessons 67-82 - Gardening Pt2

Module 8: Video Lessons 98-107 - Immunity!

Module 10: Video Lessons 124-140 - Foraging

Module 12: Video Lessons 155-167 - Elixirs

Module 14: Video Lessons 189-200 - Genius



"What an amazing discovery! What a great course for anyone interested in creating a holistic career.
Thank you David for all your hard work, positivity and research!"

Katarina Vrkic, Australia


We are asked all the time what you can do as a graduate of this course. As you watch the hundreds of videos with David, incredible business ideas come up throughout the course.

Graduates all over the world are sending us exciting news that they are:

  • Creating supplement lines & whole-sale businesses.
  • Adding this certification to their existing health businesses.
  • Opening elixir bars, stores and distribution networks.
  • Starting organic gardens and businesses.
  • Coaching, writing books and blogs, and so much more!

Join Our Worldwide Community Of Students


~ Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert

David is the rock star of the superfoods and longevity world, is trusted by America’s TOP CEOs, Global Ambassadors, Hollywood celebrities, busy professionals, and even the most powerful buying influence in the nation… the Moms!

Millions of people around the world look to David for expert advice in holistic health, beauty, herbalism, nutrition, and raw superfood chocolate!

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