Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden

Welcome to an extraordinary holistic video e-course from German master gardener, Alexandra Luppold—about contemporary and sustainable organic gardening! Prepare to enhance your connection to nature by growing your own food–organically and with intentional nurturing. “Our great Mother Earth is calling you to love!” Alexandra Luppold
Alexandra Luppold · July 20, 2017

Are you curious or needing to learn about the essential points of organic gardening? From learning to build a petite, to a very full garden, you will enjoy the content of this very helpful and cool video e-course. Alexandra will instruct you on: the four seasons garden cycle and extending the growing season, your personal garden plan and 14 common vegetables, the Biodynamic calendar for seeding, planting and harvest… and including harvesting techniques for nutrition & medicine, key principles of soil, seed, plants, transplanting, weeding and water saving, etc. You get the idea—you’ll learn a lot. J

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“I feel that everyone is in service to the whole, To All, and everyone came with a very special gift in their heart. We just need to remember this. And when we do, we will have Heaven on Earth. All life is sacred.” Alexandra

You can learn to your own establish food security (yes!), and you will certainly deepen your appreciation and personal/spiritual connection to Nature. Wisdom gardening uniquely identifies the harmony and art of connecting deeply to nature and the most ancient traditions of land cultivation. What if you could observe and learn directly from the unique languages of plants? Alexandra will show you how to feel your own way “through” any natural situation—by allowing the plants to be your true master gardening teacher! This course work for both novice to seasoned green thumbs. Learn to experience deep appreciation and enjoyment as you garden. And, as you discover natural solutions for food security, economical garden production, and to watch the languages of plants unfold before you.

Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden offered with BodyMind Institute is a general interest elective at Wild Rose College. For more information on the Diploma Programs, or contact Wild Rose College of Natural Health. E-Mail with your inquiries to: coordinators@wrc.net.

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