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Dr. Terry Willard · June 7, 2017

Plants can teach us!

With 54 Lessons on Flower Essences You Will Be Instructed On: Flower Essences and how they impact your life, Self-healing, Vibrational Medicine, Meridian and Chakra Systems, Grand Master Peng, Plants as Teachers, Emotional and Spiritual Evolution, Making Flower Essence Formulas, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sacred Journeys and The Maya, and Towards 2012 and Beyond.

Dr. Terry Willard, founder of Wild Rose College, has studied and taught about plants for over 30 years and is a world renowned herbalist. He weaves entertaining stories of myth, lore, science and more into his lessons, which have been part of his herbalist diploma programs since the 80’s. In Flower Essences, you can intelligently explore 44 different flower essences, including numerous formulas for daily applications and uses.

The Flower Essences Course is offered with BodyMind Institute as an elective for the Master, Clinical and Wholistic Diploma Programs. For more information on the Diploma Programs, please visit the WRC website, or contact coordinators@wrc.net.

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Dr. Terry Willard

For over forty years, Terry Willard, Cl.H., Ph.D., has studied the medicinal properties of plants. He is recognized as one of North America’s leading Clinical Herbalists, appearing regularly in the print and electronic media as an exponent of responsible herbal use. He is the past-president of the Canadian Association of Herbal Practitioners, a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild, and in the Canadian Health Food Association’s Hall of Fame.

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