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Welcome to our UEXL and BodyMind Institute student community! In this exploration of the Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Board Certification, you will discover the range and depth of knowledge, wisdom and health strategies you will be able to apply in your life and with your clients. You will be able to explore, in the lessons below, the significance of blending a depth of nutrition, herbal mastery, raw foods, and the science of nourishment comes in so many forms and magnificent outcomes. You are beginning a path of mastery.
Lars Rain Gustafsson · June 17, 2020

Welcome to your Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner 7-Day Full Immersion Discovery and Personal Development Sprint!  

Just in case you missed the welcome video above with our Founder, Lars Rain Gustafsson, please click below as your first step in getting started.

We have compiled over 15 hours of some of the favorite and life changing lessons, MasterClasses and MasterMinds for you to experience a personal transformation while you explore what our programs to offer for your life and career goals.  

We have one primary goal and mission for you:
To gain the knowledge and wisdom of over 100 years of life, career, scientific and coaching experience through the array of certifications and programs available at the UEXL Institute, and provide you with support and guidance so that you can create a highly successful and fun career.  

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***Our Student Testimonials***

We have a magnificent supportive community in the Institute, who you can also meet in our Telegram chat group!

Watch the full interviews with these students below.

Jennifer Leffler
(Gut Health Expert)

Mary Schuft
(Sports Nutrition Expert)

Susan Cohen
(Homeopath & Life Coach)

Rahila Ali
(Skin Care & Health Coach)

Michael Bouvier
(Life & Health Coach)

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