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The UEXL Orgonite Community

I decided to create our UEXL Orgonite Community in goal to gather together passionate health enthusiasts like yourself in a community to make and experiment with Orgonite.  Through the power of numbers, we'll uncover more depth of what is happening with Orgonite.  What is the energy it is creating? How does this affect plant growth and potentially our well being?  In creating this course there is no intention whatsoever to make any claims on what Orgonite is or what it does.  However, we will invent all sorts of ways of experimenting with various designs and combinations of ingredients, and experiencing the results in our lives and environment. I have personally made hundreds of pieces of Orgonite now, in all sizes and shapes like pyramids, domes, power plates, diamonds, cones and pucks.  With each batch I added new types of ingredients and over the months spread these all over my home.  Every 6" high pyramid I made was jam packed with minerals, vitamins, herbal mixtures, dozens of crystals, metals of various kinds, and of course resin.  Over the months I built up a collection of 10 pyramids in my bedroom, and with each additional pyramid I experienced more profound depth of lucid dreaming.  There is something definitely going on, and I'm excited to share in this journey of experimentation with you.
Lars Rain Gustafsson · April 22, 2020

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