UEXL: Mastering The Power Of LearnDash

Lars Rain Gustafsson · June 2, 2017

Hello fellow E-learning and LearnDash enthusiast!

My name is Henk and it has been a pleasure putting my many hours of experience working with LearnDash together in this UEXL LearnDash orientation course.

I have been working in the e-learning industry since 2012. Since then I have been involved in almost every aspect of e-learning, from writing and filming course materials, designing interactive learning experiences and developing online learning platforms. Since 2017 I have started to focus full-time on developing online WordPress based learning platforms. I work with companies and learning institutes from numerous countries building platforms in as many different languages.

The year 2012 was also the year that LearnDash was established. Since then LearnDash has grown into a multi-purpose LMS plugin with no limits in what it allows you to achieve as a platform developer. On top of that, LearnDash is surprisingly easy to use and offers a UI that is both simple and visually appealing. Thanks to LearnDash any professional in any field of expertise now has the right set of tools to share their knowledge with the world and earn a living while doing so.

In this LearnDash introduction course I will share with you all knowledge and resources that I collected over the years and that have helped me take my WordPress-LearnDash platforms to a higher level.

I hope you enjoy this introduction course and that it may help you in your LearnDash endeavours!

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