• 6 Lessons

    3 Day Stress Hacks Quick Start

    David Avocado Wolfe here, welcoming you to our 3-Day Stress Hacks Quick Start video series. Regardless of your exact circumstance, you're here because you know you've been dealing with an unhealthy level of stress and you know that stress is preventing you from having the level of impact on the world and others you'd like. Over the next short while, you're going to break out of that pattern and transform into a more confident, relaxed and happier individual. Over the past 25+ years, I've helped everyone from soccer moms to championship athletes transform themselves despite injuries and personal tragedies that should have been a death sentence. Thank you for granting my co-teacher Lars Gustafsson – who has 25 years of coaching and nutrition experience himself – and I the opportunity to share our strategies for achieving this with you, starting with these videos below.
  • 11 Lessons

    Brighton Baby Inner Circle

    It isn’t as much the things you know that will cause you problems – it’s all the things you don’t know. I like to refer to those things we don’t know as “blind spots”. In Brighton Baby I turn a spotlight on these blind spots, including the hidden dangers of processed foods, contaminated drinking water, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins, “electrosmog”, genetically modified foods, antibiotics, the honest pros and cons of vaccines, and more. But you won’t be left wondering what to do. For every problem I expose as being a contributor to infertility or birth defects, I offer solutions in The Brighton Method for increasing the likelihood that you will conceive a healthy, extraordinary human being.
  • 18 Lessons

    David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

    Watch the Tour Video with Lars Gustafsson and learn how to get around the course, get involved with your course group, and become part of…
  • 15 Lessons

    Essentials For Hormone Balance

    Welcome to the Essentials For Hormone Balance! Please scroll down to begin your course.
  • 23 Lessons

    Genesis – Stress Management Tools 365

    Enter course information here for students to see after watching the introduction video! 
  • 13 Lessons

    Genesis Eating Healthy 365

    You are capable of looking and feeling incredible every day, every decade. It doesn’t matter your age. There’s never been a better day than today to start investing in yourself. This is not something you have to hope for any more. Hope has arrived! You can have the body you want, the health you want. And it will all start with learning which foods are perfect for you.
  • 86 Lessons

    Life Fitness Anatomy

    Welcome to your Life Fitness Anatomy course! We are going to learn about and explore the interconnectedness of all the cells, organs and systems in our body that make up our life experience. Please watch the introductory video below, and begin your course by scrolling down and clicking on your first lesson. Links to the free online textbook for this course and other resources will be provided in your first lesson.
  • 27 Lessons

    Making Chocolate At Home With David Avocado Wolfe

    Welcome to "Making Chocolate At Home"! In this course, you will have access to three complete chocolate courses in one! Filmed in David's home in Ontario and farm in Hawaii, these lessons will teach you everything you need to know to make delicious and powerful health supporting chocolate right in your own home!
  • 15 Lessons

    Personal Development And Business Sprint

    Welcome to your 12 week personal development and business sprint! I recommend that you focus on the theme of each lesson for one week, immersing yourself in the principles, steps and guidance provided in each video. The bonus UEXL MasterMinds are excellent additions to each week. With 16 bonus MasterMinds, I recommend adding in 1-2 of these each week to uplevel your knowledge, actions and outcomes. As you grow in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual capacity, your business and prosperity will expand in proportion to the new vibration and frequency you become.
  • 40 Lessons

    Raw Chef Certification

    Welcome to the Raw Chef Certification! Become immersed in a fun and interactive learning experience!
  • 34 Lessons

    The 21 Day Momentum Breakthrough Experience

    Welcome to your 21 Day Momentum Breakthrough Experience! In order to make full use of this course, I highly recommend that you make a commitment to yourself now that for the next 21 days you will do whatever it takes to burst through any stagnation or passive momentum that is happening in any are of your life. This course has been designed and compiled from decades of life, business and spiritual research, study and application. Your 21 day breakthrough experience begins now!