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We All Know ...

That wisdom gained from experience is infinitely more valuable than memorized facts.  This is why 100% of our courses and certifications are all taught from decades of life experience and rigorous scientific study.

Free Meditation Gift

The Detachment Process Meditation & Webinar With Lars Rain Gustafsson will support you in creating deeper connections, prosperity and spiritual growth.

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

Since it's inception in 2009, the David Wolfe Nutrition Certification has 1,000's of graduates worldwide.

Wholistic Wellness Career Package

This is the perfect career & lifestyle package, accessible anytime, anywhere, and no time limit to complete these courses.


Life Skills

With each video lesson, you will learn insights into creating a healthy, prosperous and elevated lifestyle. From cleansing and detox, to accelerating your business results, every course has been carefully designed to give you the optimal results while also giving you tools to use for the rest of your life.

One simple new habit, ritual or strategy could change your life instantly.

Every course is jam packed with specific strategies and tips that hundreds of thousands have benefited from over these last few decades. 

It’s now your turn to learn, apply, and then teach this information.

“The ultimate skills and wisdom to learn, are those that you can begin using in your daily life, and that benefit yourself, your loved ones, clients and our Mother Earth.” 

Lars Rain Gustafsson

Feeling Stressed? Stuck? Overwhelmed?

We have created three breakthrough courses for you:

"21 Day Detachment Challenge"

With Lars Rain Gustafsson

Have you felt stuck in life? Maybe you're hitting road blocks in your business, relationships or spiritual growth? The Buddha said, "All suffering comes from attachment." In this course Lars Rain unpacks all of the ways in which you can practice the "Detachment Process".

"Momentum Breakthrough"

With Lars Rain Gustafsson

This is the ultimate Momentum Breakthrough Experience! In order to make full use of this course, I highly recommend that you make a commitment to yourself now that for the next 21 days you will do whatever it takes to burst through any stagnation in your life.

"Stress Hacks"

With David and Lars

The Scientific Data Is In, Stress Is Linked To Everything! Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Spiritual States AND Results In Over 100 Symptoms (Click below to view these) .... Some Of Which You May Be Experiencing Right Now. Learn over 70 Stress Hacks to handle stress with ease.


What our students are saying:

Detachment has been particularly powerful in keeping me from getting as sucked into things that would create drama.

As I’m more able to let go of the emotions/reactions to attachments, I am experiencing myself creating less entropy in the universe. As challenges come up I’m finding more peace and grace in my ability to handle them and release fears of failure.

Amanda Ray


I have found David’s teachings to be life changing. Not only is he the most knowledgeable person in wellness, he is constantly adapting & growing, and sharing his ever evolving insights with the world. Mostly I love how warm, genuine and compassionate he is. He truly lives by his high vibe, tapped in ethos and being around him is such a heart warming and magical experience.

Sitara Hewitt


3 years ago, David Wolfe changed my life forever. I was 300 lbs at the time I heard him speak about the benefits of a plant based diet and why we as humans are not meant to eat meat. I was blown away and immediately adopted a new way of eating. As time went on, I've been able to garner and implement more and more health enhancing benefits from David. I'm now 185 lbs and have never felt better in my entire life, which I think says a lot as a former pro hockey player. Thank You David!

Jason Doig

NHL Alumni

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